Knee Preservation/Sports Medicine Unit

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Our group has four sports medicine and knee fellowship trained surgeons providing a comprehensive approach to knee injuries involving articular cartilage and meniscal damage as well as collateral and cruciate ligament instabilities, ensuring that nonoperative conditioning and physical therapy modalities have been fully explored before any considerations of surgery. In addition, realignment osteotomies both the tibiofemoral and patellofemoral joint as required for concerns of both stability and management of early degenerative change are done. Educational rounds are provided regularly with our highlight being the annual Don Johnson Visiting Professor in sport medicine taking place in the fall. In alternate years, we host a comprehensive knee symposium with outstanding national and international faculty.  Fellowship positions are offered in comprehensive knee surgery.  Clinical and basic science research opportunities are available and in collaboration with our University partners in human kinematics and physical therapy.


  • General Campus
  • Civic Campus
  • Hawkesbury and District General Hospital
  • Kemptville District Hospital


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