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The enhancement of patient care safety and quality is a top priority in accordance with the hospital’s corporate strategy.


The responsibility of the Patient Safety and Continuous Quality Improvement committee (PS & CQI) is to monitor all orthopaedic activities and then to suggest and implement improvements. Our goals are to improve treatment results and the patient experience while reducing adverse events/complications. This process involves a committed group of surgeons, nurses, residents, physician assistants and PhD research experts who meet monthly. The committee liaises with other Hospital Departments and Divisions to combine efforts and avoid duplication as we pursue our aim to meet/exceed Provincial, National and International Standards.

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This link gives access to our recent article outlining our CQI initiative.

Safety & Quality Committee Members

  • Peter Lapner MD FRCSC: Committee Chair
  • Zachary DeVries MD: Resident Representative
  • Paul Beaulé MD FRCSC: Director of Research/Innovation
  • Natasha Casey MSc (Med) BHSc-PA CCPA: Physician Assistant
  • Kimberly Jemmott RN: Clinical Manager 6NE, General Campus
  • Stephen Kingwell MD FRCSC: Integrated Spine CQI
  • Rosa Lamothe RN BScN: Clinical Manager D7, Civic Campus
  • Kerri Labrecque BSc RD: Clinical Manager, Ambulatory Care, General Campus
  • Katie McIlquham HBScHK RKin: Quality Improvement Coordinator
  • Steven Papp MD MSc FRCSC: Division Chair
  • Johanne Samson: Executive Administrator
  • Mazen Younes MD: Hospitalist

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The Division of Orthopedic Surgery has continued to strive forward with a foundational pillar of Patient Safety and Quality Improvement in 2023. Our division remains committed to providing quality care and excellence in patient safety.


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