HKU Research Day

Welcome to the University of Ottawa Orthopaedics annual HKU Research Day, 2021!

On this page, you will find posters from all presenters.


Winners will be announced at the end of the day.

Order of Poster Presentations

1. Dr. Alice Kerrigan

2. Dr. C-A. Dion

3. Dr. T. Dymond

4. Dr. Z. Devries

5. Dr. Alexandra Bunting

6. Dr. J. Ardell

7. Dr. Stephanie Farhat

8. Dr. Mazen M. Ibrahim


Toggle each tab to find posters. The tabs are arranged in order of presenters from left to right.

Presentations by Dr. Alice Kerrigan

Presentation by Dr. C-A. Dion

Presentation by Dr. T. Dymond

Presentations by Dr. Z. Devries

Presentation by Dr. Alexandra Bunting

Presentation by Dr. J. Ardell

Presentation by Dr. Stephanie Farhat

Presentation by Dr. Mazen M. Ibrahim